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DGL Accountants featured in the Mackay City Centre

Dec 5, 2018 | Accounting, Business

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Published by Mackay City Centre, Monday, December 3, 2018

Our trader profile this month is DGL Accountants who are never bored with all the amazing projects that the City Centre have on the go!

Q- Business / Trade description

A- DGL is an accounting firm in the main street of Mackay (71 Victoria Street) and our 100 year anniversary is just around the corner. We are one of the oldest and proudest firms in town and embrace change wherever possible. At DGL Accountants we provide outstanding accounting strategies that empower our clients to achieve the results they desire and reach their full potential. We have five incredible partners, three out of five being female and altogether are a crew of 20 happy and enthusiastic team players with an impressive culture. It’s certainly not just about crunching the numbers, we add value to our clients vision.


Q- How long have you been established in the City

A- DGL Accountants was established in 1924 as Douglas Gibb & Lewis and we have a Mackay heritage tracing back almost 100 years which reflects in our firm’s understanding of the local marketplace. It is this knowledge and insight that has been invaluable in our proven ability to consistently deliver value through strong client relationships and tailored customer service.


Q- What attracted you to open a business in the City Centre

A- We are passionate about Mackay (and the surrounding) businesses and the importance of growing as a region – being in the city heart has allowed us to continuously work hard, but play harder! We are in the thick of it, the main street, the relaxed city vibe, the dynamic, the innovative, the empowering – we live, we breathe, we love our Mackay community.

Q- Name five top reasons why the City Centre is great!


  • We get to contribute to the community we live, work and play in and we take pride in our community-focus
  • We love our small town atmosphere and big city amenities
  • We are in the thick of a beautiful array of restaurants, offering both local produce and international cuisine
  • Businesses in the city centre work as part of a team that embraces new ideas and leads innovative initiatives. We excel at partnering with other organizations to make opportunities a reality.
  • Mackay City Centre always has an amazing variety of projects on the go. You’ll never get bored! Businesses are friendly, encouraging, and believe in supporting one another.


Q- Would you consider late night trading? If so, what day and how long?

A- On occasion there are staff members that stay back working late and we love to work in with our clients as best we can, so would make allowances to meet after hours should business hours not suit.

Q- Do you currently open on a Sunday, if not, would you consider opening?

A- Currently not open on Sundays, however see above answer should business hours not suit our clients.


Q- What improvements would you like to see implemented to add value to the City

A- Certainly more parking options and for extended hours, for our staff and clients.


Q- Apart from your own Business, is there any other offer that should be attracted into the City Centre

A- We feel like the Mackay night life is lacking and especially coming into the Christmas season, there are limited places that cater for ‘after dinner’ activities – drinks, dancing, diversity of places to go.


Q- What best advice would you give someone considering opening a business today

A- Before you do anything…. Make an appointment with DGL Accountants!

No but seriously, navigating and managing business affairs can be daunting and time consuming. The experts at DGL will ensure you stay on top of obligations, up to date with the latest developments and tailor strategies to suit your situation. We have the experience and professional advice you need. DGL Accountants are here for you, every step of the way! Whether you are purchasing a business or business property, starting up a small business, require advice on business structuring, creating a business plan and setting realistic financial goals – we are your go-to Business Advisors and Accountants. Good luck!

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