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Have you downloaded the ATO myDeductions App?

Apr 26, 2018 | Accounting, Taxation

The Backyard BBQ Advice:- “Mate, ATO myDeductions App.. best App I ever found, no more shoe boxes!! What you gotta do is RING DGL”

You’re certain to hear a lot of different advice BUT THIS IS GREAT ADVICE.

Talk to DGL staff who have been there done that.

Do you want to save your tax claims on an App? Ask us how.

Keeping records for your tax return is easier with the ATO myDeductions App.

You can skip the hassle of lost and faded receipts, by recording the transactions in the app as you go.

You can easily record work-related expenses

  • for your car
  • travel
  • uniform
  • self-education
  • interest and dividends
  • gifts or donations
  • the cost of managing your tax affairs
  • other deductions
  • motor vehicle

To record expenses or income, just add the amount, the date of the transaction and an accurate description. If you’re in a hurry, snap a photo of your receipt or invoice and add the details later.

You can even use it to start a log book. Each trip you record will be added to your logbook until you choose to close the log book.

The data is stored on your device then at tax time you can upload your completed data and email your records to DGL, your trusted tax agent!

Never miss a deduction again – Call DGL now so that they can help you set up your ATO app now.