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5 steps to a better performance review

Nov 15, 2019 | Business

A performance review is an opportunity to look forward as well as give constructive feedback. Here are 5 steps to a better performance review!

In some organisations, the performance review tends to be a tick-the-box exercise, and as a result is widely seen as pointless, many organisations conducting performance reviews suited to the 1950s when the world of work was a more stable place. The dynamic, fast-moving workplace of today requires a different approach. Today, more than ever, employees want to know how they are progressing, but they don’t want to feel judged – that is the source of straight-out anger – and they want assessments to be fair and balanced.

It boils down to having good, constructive conversations that take a more solutions-focused approach. Regular check-ins will let employees know how they’re doing and avoid any big surprises during the annual review also. Make it simple and the measurements real and concrete, such as projects aligned to budgets or goals achieved within time frames.

As for the harder-to-measure soft skills, perhaps refer to the well-established BARS tool (Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale), which helps identify the differences between acceptable, good and excellent behaviours by using conversation to define what each of those look like in a work context.


5 quick tips for better performance reviews


1. Goals
Set and agree on clear goals. Make sure measurements are concrete.

2. Ask
Adopt an ask-not-tell approach. You are not going to learn anything by doing all the talking.

3. Catch-ups
Have ongoing and regular informal and formal catch-ups. Avoid rescheduling, as it implies the meeting is not important to you.

4. Skills
Provide personal skills training for management. For soft skills deficits, back up your observations with examples.

5. Focus
Focus on the future and development. Don’t dwell on failure.

Source: Greg Smith, to read the full article click here.

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At DGL we conduct performance reviews annually however encourage an ‘open door’ policy which instills openness and transparency within the workplace between employees and employers. Should you require assistance in regards to staff and performance reviews in your business, contact the Team today!