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Stay inspired and motivated to avoid the business blues

Jul 19, 2019 | Business

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we are presented daily with the task of coming up with creative and new ideas to keep our businesses thriving and our teams motivated. However, we all know how very challenging it can be to stay inspired and motivated day in and day out in the business world. We all fall victim from time to time, to those seasons when we struggle with complacency and feel stuck in a professional rut that we just can’t seem to get out of! So how do we stay inspired and motivated to avoid the business blues?

First of all, we shouldn’t feel guilty or overly discouraged by this; it’s a very common symptom for all business owners and professionals. Even the most innovative and creative entrepreneurs sometimes feel “stuck” when they are trying to come up with fresh, new ideas that will catapult their business to that next level of success.

So the question remains: What do we do to climb our way out? Let’s take a look at a few helpful tips to boost our inspiration and productivity when we’ve hit the business blues.

Step out of comfort zone

It’s time to push ourselves and think outside the box! One highly effective way of doing this is by spending time with professionals from different industries. This is achieved by signing up for various events or seminars covering topics of interest not necessarily pertained to our specific business. It opens up a whole new world of insight and original ideas that we may not have been privy to otherwise.

While we’re at it, take some time to learn how professionals in these other fields are solving problems and challenges corporately, as well as approaching concerns and suggestions from their customers. By doing so, we’ll get some fresh ideas on how to move our own businesses forward. Plus, we may meet some potential clients we wouldn’t ordinarily have encountered. This is also a great opportunity to look into new trends happening in these other fields and to consider how they might relate to our industries—giving us innovative ways to kick-start our future marketing efforts.

Take a look back before looking forward

Sometimes in the chaos of day-to-day activities, we become so focused on moving forward and just “keeping up” that we forget to sit down and take some time to reevaluate our original goals. The goals we set for ourselves are meant to guide us on our journey, both professionally and personally. Sometimes, however, we fall into the trap of focusing entirely on our business goals and forget to step back, take a breath, and make sure our personal purpose is in alignment with our business. Taking a little time to assess why we do what we do will help us identify the changes required in order to break out of the rut we’ve found ourselves in.

For example, if things haven’t quite gone to plan, compare personal goals to the direction the business has taken to determine where we may have gone off-track. If we drift off course from our initial vision, it may be a good time to establish some new goals.

Take time to discover what inspires us

Often times, being stuck in a rut goes hand in hand with feeling tremendously uninspired. And, quite honestly, it’s difficult to jump-start any sort of innovation in the midst of feeling discouraged. So, to ignite some inspiration, try looking for something to focus on that sparks creativity and drive.

For example, look for some activities outside of work that help relieve stress both physically and mentally. Whether it’s attending a new workout class or learning a new skill like painting or playing an instrument, unleashing a creative side helps inspire us. We then take that renewed energy and outlook back into our workday.

Learning something new or taking on a challenge is a great way to break free from a rut. When we focus on something we have always wanted to do, especially if it’s outside our comfort zone, it will help reignite our motivation and serve as a reminder that we can truly accomplish anything when we put our mind to it!

Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback, whether it’s from employees, co-workers, or even customers, is another effective way to spark fresh ideas and approaches to new challenges. Schedule some brainstorming sessions with team members and colleagues, or ask customers to share inventive ways they’re using our products or services.

In this day and age, brands are trying harder than ever to appear authentic. One of the best ways to do that is to find out how customers are really using our products. For instance, fashion boutiques might ask customers to post photos of themselves wearing their favourite pieces. This helps fans and potential customers see what current users like and what they’re selling. Customer responses may even help spark some inspiration for future products.

Take time-out

It may seem trivial, but simply changing our surroundings can trigger new ideas. Instead of locking ourselves in the office until we figure things out, take time-out and go for a walk outside, meet someone for coffee, or grab some recreational reading to allow our brains time to reboot! Sometimes, all that’s needed to kindle inspiration is to look at things from a different angle—and a different place.

Continue with education

Whether it’s listening to a quality podcast about up-and-coming industry trends or attending a webinar to learn some new best practices in the world of marketing, continuing to expand our education encourages us to look at things with a fresh perspective.

There are so many great resources available at the tip of our keyboards, so take advantage of them. We may just be surprised how helpful a simple sixty-minute podcast can be at spurring our next “aha” moment!

It’s important not to get too comfortable for too long in any phase of business. If we settle into a safe routine where we no longer strive to improve and grow, this may lead to missing some very valuable opportunities.  Take the time needed to stay intentional in both personal and professional growth. When we do, those mucky ruts of complacency will become fewer and farther between as we navigate each bend on our journey.

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