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How to stay productive while working remotely

May 23, 2019 | Business

With internet reaching the majority of the industrialized world, and companies waking up to the opportunity of using this to their advantage, remote work is becoming more popular every day. Upwork’s Future Workforce Report suggests that 33% of full-time employees will be working remotely by 2028. Even though many of us find an increase in productivity while working from home, people who are just starting out with remote work might be struggling with the realization that home (or literally anywhere else) is now your office. So how do we stay productive while working remotely?

Don’t stay in bed

We get it, working from home in your pyjamas is a fantasy for many people. Waking up in the morning and just lifting your laptop into your bed might sound wonderful, but this is probably not the best approach for productivity. It’s important to separate home space and work space. Otherwise you might find yourself suddenly watching an entire season of your favourite Netflix show.

Below are our favourite places to work from.

1.  Libraries

Abundant in most cities, libraries are quiet, full of knowledge and completely free! Usually the WiFi is also very powerful.

2.  Co-working spaces 

Why not try out a co-working space? Seeing other people work will definitely increase your productivity. You’ll also battle the loneliness of working from home, which is quoted as the top concern for remote workers.

In co-working spaces you can take advantage of all the things you’d find in an office, such as good WiFi, printing services and coffee. Some co-working spaces even charge by the hour, so you’ll likely be wanting to make money instead of browsing Instagram.

3.  Cafés

If you’re already going out to lunch, you can stay a bit longer and work the afternoon in a cafe or restaurant. Or why not get your morning latte with a remote working friend and work together in a cozy coffee shop?

Take breaks and honour the weekend

The more you work, the more productive you’ll be, right? Wrong!

Taking breaks is very important both for your workflow and your health. Walk a dog, meditate, do jumping jacks or practice yoga. Even a ten minute break will reset your mind and allow you to think more creatively.

Also make sure you have days in the week when you don’t work at all. When everywhere is your office, it might be hard to put away the computer for some downtime. Try to have 1–2 days a week where you don’t work at all. Some people like working during the weekends when everyone else is away, for complete peace and quiet. But then make sure you take a day (or even half a day) off during the week where you only focus on yourself.

You should also take proper holidays regularly!

Eat healthy food and move your body

When working from a cafe, you may just want to try one of those delicious brownies they’re serving. Or when working from home, you might just get a bit too comfy and not go to the gym. But it’s important to limit yourself when it comes to unhealthy food and stagnant days.

If you eat food heavy in fat and sugar, you’ll easily feel sluggish, whereas food rich in protein and vitamins will keep your body healthy and your mind sharp. Same goes for exercise; if you don’t move, you’ll probably feel lethargic. If you keep active in body, your mind will stay active too.


So, to recap. Maximize your productivity while working remotely by:

  • working from a place where you can focus
  • allowing yourself enough downtime
  • staying healthy by eating well and moving your body

Wishing you happy and productive working days!


Productivity tips for working remotely were sourced by Ammi Teir on LinkedIn, thanks Ammi!

The material and contents provided in this publication are informative in nature only. It is not intended to be advice and you should not act specifically on the basis of this information alone. If expert assistance is required, professional advice should be obtained.

Here at DGL there are employees that work remotely and also work flexible hours, and there are certainly many benefits for both the company and employees with these arrangements in place. If you would like to know more in regards to working remotely and implementing productivity goals in your business, speak to the Team at DGL Accountants!