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Beware of Coronavirus Scams

Apr 17, 2020 | Business, Real News

Unfortunately, scammers are taking advantage of the spread of coronavirus to exploit and play on the fears of businesses and consumers across Australia. Scammers are impersonating, by phone, email and text messages a range of official Australian and international organisations such as the Department of Health and the World Health Organisation, other government authorities and legitimate businesses, including financial institutions, travel agents and telecommunications companies. Please beware of coronavirus scams!

What you can do to protect your business?

  • Don’t click on any links in emails, text messages or attachments from people or organisations you don’t know
  • Contact the individual or company by phone and confirm the request
  • Search the company, products or services online to confirm the advice (is it a professional website matching with the goods and services they offer?)
  • Does the company provide adequate information about privacy, terms and conditions of use, dispute resolution, or contact details?
  • Be careful about requests for bank account or other personal or business information.
In recent months the ACSC & ACCC Scamwatch has received numerous reports of COVID-19 related scams and phishing emails. These texts and emails imitate trusted organisations to prey on people’s desire for the latest information but lead to fake websites that may install harmful malware on your device, exposing your financial and personal information.

Coronavirus scams are likely to continue to grow in number over the coming months so we advise if you are still unsure, call the organisation directly on their official number to verify over the phone. Should you feel unsafe or threatened at all, our Team is here for you – do not hesitate to contact us.