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7 Secrets of People Who ‘Have it All Together’

Apr 3, 2019 | Business

We recently came across an article outlining some very clear but super inspiring guidelines to glide through life and refrain from getting flustered, no matter how crazy things get! Like the sound of that? Then read on for 7 secrets of people who ‘have it all together’ and keep their cool.

1.  Have a clear vision

Successful people nearly always have a clear vision or plan for what they want to achieve, and are totally committed to it. They are serious and focused about what they do, and usually have a ‘big picture’ outlook that prevents them from being side-tracked.

2.  Value relationships

Anyone who has it all together also knows the value of connections. They are confident in building relationships that can help them, and know the power of networks and building relationships.

3.  Look after yourself

Basic fitness and looking after your body and mind is a prerequisite for most people who have it all together. They know that eating well, exercising and getting enough sleep, are all crucial for success.

4.  Have a sense of humour

Those people who have it all together are able to laugh with you, and also at themselves. They don’t take everything too seriously and can find humour in the challenges of success – which is an essential part of keeping your cool.

5.  Expect challenges

Being able to ‘roll with the punches’ is also an important quality. They know there are times when the road will be bumpy, and therefore regard any mistakes as part of a learning curve: something they can take on board and use to improve themselves.

6.  Know your self-worth

Successful people are not arrogant and pompous but they know their self-worth – and act in ways to maximise it. They also have healthy egos and can turn mistakes into positives by learning from them, and using them to improve themselves.

7.  Adapt your thinking

Unflappable types and those who are good in a crisis know how to adapt their thinking from negative to positive. They are always thinking about how to succeed rather than fail – and how to turn problems into opportunities.

Finding the correct balance in our lives is not always easy, but the people who have it all together are adept at it.

Further food for thought

Leadership Guru Jim Schleckser also outlines some important factors in regards to successful people:

Balancing family and work time

This can be a real challenge, but because family ties are usually the closest we have, they should always be worked on: even sometimes, to the detriment of work.

Having a network of close friends

This is another area that can really contribute to business success. When you have a group of people that you like and trust – either in the workplace or outside – it helps keep you grounded and balanced.

Keeping stock of your finances

Those people who have it all together rarely worry about money as they have already set themselves up for a comfortable retirement, or organised their finances so they are growing exponentially. They also have an excellent work/life balance that allows just the right amount of work and leisure time.

Read full article here.

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